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Melita van der Mersch, Mieke de Die & Caren Velink


Velink & De Die is a law-firm that focuses exclusively on healthcare. All three partners have extensive knowledge and experience in the area of healthcare law. Thanks to our specific expertise and the small scale of our firm, we provide a unique offering at competitive rates.


We mainly focus on healthcare providers in all care sectors. Whether you are a long-established hospital, an MSB (medical specialist company), mental health care institution, nursing or care home, GP or other independent professional or provide long-term care or want to start up as entrepreneur in the health care sector, you are always welcome for an opinion or assistance with litigation.

Our areas of EXPERTISE

  • contracts between medical specialists and medical specialist companies and hospitals
  • partnership contracts and partnership disputes
  • other collaboration agreements between healthcare providers
  • supervision and governance
  • rates and performance
  • financing
  • healthcare insurance law and material checks
  • contracts with healthcare insurers
  • medical disciplinary matters
  • medical malpractices
  • measures taken by the inspectorate
  • quality and safety in the healthcare industry
  • proceedings before the Healthcare Tribunal, Disciplinary Board, civil law or administrative law disputes

Caren Velink

Caren Velink (1973) graduated in 1999 and has focused on healthcare law right from the start. Caren started her career in 2001 within the healthcare section of the law-firm Pels Rijcken & Droogleever Fortuijn; after starting out as a paralegal, she became a lawyer less than a year later.

In order to widen her horizon and experience the full freedom of being self-employed, Caren started out as an entrepreneur in 2008. As a free-lance interim legal expert she has undertaken various assignments in which her experience in healthcare law came in useful. Due to the variety of clients she has worked for, she has a good understanding of the various positions and interests in the healthcare sector.

In 2011 she set up the law-firm Velink & De Die advocaten together with Mieke de Die. Having her own office and a great passion for the type of cases to be handled in the healthcare sector are the perfect combination for Caren.

Caren is a highly dedicated lawyer who works very thoroughly and is very passionate about her profession. She does what she likes to do best and excels in: analysing and getting to the bottom of cases, puzzling with the law, creating order where there is chaos and finding the best solution in the end.

Caren regularly publishes articles in her field and speaks at symposiums and congresses. She is a member of the Dutch Healthcare Law Association (Vereniging voor Gezondheidsrecht) and sits on the Objections Advisory Committee of the Dutch Healthcare Institutes Restructuring Board (College sanering zorginstellingen). She is also a member of the editorial staff of GZR Updates (Healthcare Law Updates).

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Mieke de Die

Mieke de Die

Mieke de Die (1961) has been a lawyer since 2000. Her expertise stretches across the full width of healthcare law: from disciplinary law and supervision to contracts and investigations into medical malpractices.

Healthcare and law form the central theme in her career. She stood with her “feet in the earth” in a hospital and mental healthcare institution. Her time with the Public Health Council (Raad voor de Volksgezondheid) and the Dutch Healthcare Inspectorate (Inspectie voor de Gezondheidszorg) provided her with an excellent insight into how the healthcare system functions. She can put this to good use in her legal practice: she connects how healthcare works in practice with the theory of the law.

In Mieke’s view a solution is only good if it is not only legally sound, but also fits into the actual situation. In her approach she always starts out from the desired result and works towards achieving it. Needless to say, this is always preceded by a thorough legal analysis and if a case is not going as expected, she will offer you an honest opinion on this.

After having worked for a big law-firm for 10 years, she set up her own office in 2011 together with Caren Velink, focusing on healthcare providers. In addition to her work as a lawyer, Mieke regularly publishes articles in her field as well as speaking for professionals at seminars and symposiums.

Mieke is a member of the Dutch Healthcare Society (Vereniging voor Gezondheidsrecht). She also holds a number of secondary positions, including: membership of the Dutch Health Council (Gezondheidsraad) (Standing Committee for Healthcare Ethics and Healthcare Law), board member of the Dutch Healthcare Association, member of the editorial staff of the publication Legislation on Healthcare Professions (Beroepenwetgeving gezondheidszorg), member of the editorial board of GZR Updates (Healthcare Updates), chairman of the Dutch foundation Quality in the Picture (Kwaliteit in Beeld).

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Melita van der Mersch

Melita van der Mersch

Melita van der Mersch (1975) already became enthusiastic about health law when she studied law in Leiden. Since 2000 she has been carrying on a specialised health law practice as a lawyer. Before moving to Velink & de Die, Melita was a partner at Pels Rijcken & Droogleever Fortuijn, where she was responsible for the healthcare practice. Melita has wide experience in healthcare law, including in the area of disciplinary law, supervision and enforcement and healthcare insurance.

Melita’s special interest lies in pharmaceutical law. She will be glad to help you with legal issues relating to the sale, reimbursement, financing and dispensing of medicinal products and medical devices.

Melita prefers a hands-on approach. She quickly sees the interests that are at stake and where there is a room for finding a solution, in which she will always also look beyond the legal horizon. 

Melita publishes articles on a regular basis and is frequently asked as a speaker and lecturer. She gives guest lectures at the VU and UvA universities in Amsterdam and works as a lecturer at Grotius, a specialised Dutch healthcare training programme. Melita is a member of the Dutch Health Care Association and is also a co-founder, former Executive Committee member and member of the Dutch Pharma and Law Association (Vereniging Farma en Recht).

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The fate of the medical treatment agreement
In: Medisch Contact, nr. 00 - 11 September 2014,
pp. 20-22

What to allow for when delivering medical opinions and issuing expert reports

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An analysis provides insight: intervention in the case of malpractises

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Watch out in cases against colleagues: investigations into malpractices regularly result in disaster
In: Medisch Contact no. 6 - 10 February 2012, 
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Check-up of the partnership agreement
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Our hourly rates are between € 275 and € 325 exclusive of VAT. 
In special circumstances other arrangements can be made. The costs we incur for clients, such as advancing court registry fees, travelling expenses, etc., are charged to clients.


The engagement letter will be signed with Velink & De Die advocaten. Velink & De Die advocaten is a private limited company consisting of the shareholders Praktijk Velink B.V., A.C. De Die Beheer B.V. and Van der Mersch Holding B.V. and is a collaborative organisation within the meaning of the Dutch Regulations for the Legal Practice (Verordening Advocatuur). The firm is the contracting party and the lawyers act externally under the trade name Velink & De Die advocaten. The lawyers have a professional insurance policy and their liability is limited.


The general terms and conditions of Velink & De Die advocaten can be downloaded here.

General Terms and Conditions


Velink & De Die advocaten is associated with the Dispute Resolution Committee for the Legal Practice. Every engagement is subject to the internal Complaints Procedure of Velink & De Die advocaten.

Internal complaints procedure


Herengracht 104B

1015 BS Amsterdam

Telephone: 020 4207874

E-mail: info@velinkdedie.nl


Velink & De Die advocaten

P.O. Box 17390

1001 JJ Amsterdam


If you travel to Central Station by train, you can reach us on foot. It’s about a 10-minute walk. If you come by tram, take tram 2, 12, or 17 and get off at the Nieuwezijds Kolk stop. From the tram stop it’s a 5-minute walk.

If you come by car, you can park in the Q-Park Nieuwendijk at Nieuwezijds Kolk 18. From the parking garage it’s a 5-minute walk.

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